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My name is Lucy. I'm a nurse at ... I just wanted to get in touch and say i was touched by Ava's story. She is such a beautiful little girl with such a courageous spirit. I noticed she is a little lady who likes pretty things....

You are a very beautiful, inspirational girl Ava.  My husband and I watched your story tonight and our heart goes out to you and your family.  Keep strong darling ... and you too Mum, Dad and family. Thinking of you all. 
With much love,

Hi Ava and Mum and Dad
Have just watched your story on TV and from us here, would like to say we think you are one very amazing little girl, we are just so pleased to see how well you are doing, and look how you are getting around by goodness you sure are flying around there’s no stopping you is there little princess. To mum and dad you guys are also amazing we also have two little girls here in Hamilton aged 5 and 3 and it really hit home to see how quickly your lives changed from the norm and what you guys have been through from one day to the next. From me my wife and my two little angels we wish with all our hearts the very best for ava and the strength and courage for you all in the days ahead and the up coming future,
With the kindest of regards,
Mark and family

Dear Ava and Family:
I have just finished watching your story in 60 minutes and I must tell you that you are a very beautiful little girl.
I admire your strength and although you are only young it is amazing to see how you have assumed your new lifestyle, I can definitely see that your eyes are the window to your soul and so you must have a very beautiful soul ...
You are a very lucky little girl to have the parents that you have, they love you dearly and I am sure that they are very proud of you for everything you have achieved so far!! YOU GO AVA!! YOU ARE A [star]....   I just had to write to you to tell you how an inspiring little person you are. I also want to wish you the best for the future, congratulate you on your achievements, your awesome website and very lovely pictures   and also tell you that I am sure you are going to get to be an amazing woman one day and you will get to have in your life everything you wish for and deserve.
Lots of love

I wanted to email you after watching Ava's story on 60minutes tonight.  I just wanted to say your little girl is so brave and gorgeous. I thought you guys were also so brave and wonderful role models for parents to share your story having been through an incredibly hard time. Ava looks like she is doing amazingly well with your love and support.
All the best Bridget.

Hi Stuart and Bridget
Saw your interview on 60 minutes and thought you were all so brave to share your journey.... am so glad that Ava is looking gorgeous .... Like most people, I'm sure, I cried through the whole story - ...  Wishing Ava the most wonderful life and future.

Hi Ava,
I was very touched by your story....
We are a family in Nelson who have been touched by children like yourself, so now foster special needs children who need a special 
family when  their own family is not able to care for them...,but we see stories like yours and live with 
hope. It is the spirit within that works miracles. It is also your winning smiles:).We are honoured to know children like yourself... we think you all make the world a more special place, because you are unique and have an understanding of ' difference' that many adults can't even 
understand. You are my hero:      Norelle.