Hi, my name is Deb and I am one of the many people that have been inspired by Ava's bravery and determination. 

We really wanted to do something to help Ava and her family in this very challenging time, so we have started an appeal to raise $70,000.  There will many costs associated with Ava's ongoing needs such as prosthetic limbs and other requirements. All money raised will go directly to providing Ava with the necessities to allow her to lead a normal life.

Ways to donate...

Credit Card - You can make a donation with all major credit cards from the Wobble website.  Just select the amount you wish to donate and proceed to the checkout.  Enter your details and we will email you confirmation of receipt of your generous donation. Click HERE to go directly to the donation voucher.

Internet Banking - If you would like to transfer your donation via Internet Banking the account number is 03 0314 030 1148 00.  The account is with Westpac and under the name Ava Meehan Appeal account. If you want to check receipt of the donation, send an email with details of the deposit you made to ava "at"

Fundraising ...

Cambridge Autumn Festival - fundraising concert for Ava

The Darcy Perry Band will be performing in the Cambridge Town Hall on the 25th of April 2009.  $10 from every ticket sold will go towards Ava's appeal.  Tickets will be available from Ticket Direct and the Cambridge Information Centre from April 1st.

Trademe Auction by Kids Decor - complete

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Jason and Rebecca Buckley from Kids Decor Co who auctioned a range of their products on Trademe and raised an incredible $4,500 for Ava. Their kindness and generosity to Ava whom they have never met is a remarkable act of support and encouragement for our family. We hope that they in turn receive the support for their business that they so justly deserve.

Keep checking back here for more fundraising activities and to see how we are going with the appeal. 

And thank you for your interest, support and generous donations.